My dear brother and sisters in the LORD                                         October 21, 2012

Please join us for the next three weeks in sincere repentance, worship, singing, and crying out to the LORD to save souls, of our families, friends, nations…. in JESUS holy and precious name.

Thank you most holy LORD JESUS for giving Your children this very special time time together with You. LORD I thank you for the next three Saturday vigils we will do as one body,  together in one SPIRIT of the LORD we will come to You and rejoice and repent. We are truly upon the eve of the LORD JESUS CHRIST gathering up HIS bride. This is the final final final stage of purification and I thank you JESUS for calling YOUR bride to give You this JESUS fast and fast from everything of the world, and just come to YOU and only YOU. Praise GOD, the LORD had been telling me that some of HIS bride has done really well at fasting from food,  but need to fast from the world and come to HIM and only HIM. YES we are all called to JESUS.

The Father gave me this prayer for this time. It is a short prayer but so very vital to the purification process for coming so much closer to JESUS. He wanted me to know HIS heart for my sin, how HE grieves for our sin. He started having me add this very important part to my prayer that I would have the heart of the Father for my sin and the precious blood of JESUS would cover my sin, my life, my prayer.  The LORD JESUS wants us to walk under HIS BLOOD completely.

The Father started showing me scriptures of how HE was grieved in HIS heart  when HE repented. Genesis 6;6. and there are many many more verses where the Lord is grieved in His heart for our sin. He wanted me to know, and HIS children to know that I must ask HIM in my prayer to have HIS heart. To know HIS heart for my sin to be able to truly repent and be forgiven, I needed to know the pain I had caused HIM by my sin when I had sinned against HIM. It causes HIM much pain to be divided from HIS people and we divide ourselves from HIM by our sin and only our sin. If we did not have sin we would be continually in HIS glorious presence. HE wants us to see HIM, hear HIM, talk to HIM. I am so encouraged to be doing these next 3 Saturday night vigils with all my brothers and sisters in CHRIST.  WE will come into more of HIS glorious presence that ever before. When we are weak, like from sleep etc, HE is truly made strong in us. When our flesh is weak GOD can do amazing things thought us because my will dies out and HIS will prevails.  As the scripture says, ( not my will LORD but thy will be done)Thank you JESUS.

The precious blood of JESUS, our GOD and savior the LORD JESUS CHRIST showed me in this first vigil last Saturday night from 12 am to 6 am, that these prayers are to help save and break off the rest of the sin/curse from us and from holding our loved ones to this earth, and from knowing who JESUS really is. Now is the time, like it says in the word to take heaven by violent force like never before. If you have been already doing the prayer form the Father that was given to brother Larry for the LORD’S bride, then asking the LORD to know HIS heart (to know how HE grieves for our sin) is another step of getting close to the Father through the precious blood of JESUS. On top of having the heart of the Father for our sin, it is also very important to ask for the wisdom to know what sins and curses are in us and our forefathers to be able to repent of them. One of this most beautiful things about the LORD JESUS CHRIST is He allows us to repent for our family and put the curse of their sin under the blood of JESUS so they can see who The LORD is. Our blessed Savior is giving us this next 3 week vigil to have our sins and family’s sins sincerely repented of and forgiven, as much as the Father will. Please feel free to continue these Saturday night vigils until the Lord comes!

Even more importantly, we are called to this prayer vigil so that we can usher in the bridegroom of our precious HOLY LORD JESUS CHRIST. It is all for JESUS! ALL for HIS coming and HIS glory! HE is coming for a holy and pure bride and this is our final stage of cleansing and purification. JESUS is giving us this last opportunity to take these sins one by one, covering them with His precious Blood, forgiving them for us and for our families. At the same time we are welcoming JESUS with open arms and saying how happy we are to be completely reuniting with HIM again.

IN our worship, repenting, rejoicing, singing, lifting our voices with a shout in joy to the holy LORD CHRIST the first thing we do is invite the presence of the LORD JESUS CHRIST to please come down and minister HIS perfect prayer and especially tell HIM how much we love HIM.

1. LORD JESUS CHRIST I love you with all my heart all my soul, all my mind and all my strength. Thank you JESUS, YOU gave your life for me so my sin could be forgiven so I could walk with YOU again in YOUR glory.

On of the most important part of prayer is telling the LORD JESUS CHRIST how much you truly love HIM with all your heart all your mind and all your soul. It is very simple thing but the LORD rejoices when we love on HIM and tell HIM many times how much we love HIM like the word of GOD directs and commands HIS people to do. The LORD is so so happy when we lift our hearts to HIM and say, I love YOU JESUS!


Mark 20;30   And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength;’ this is the first commandment.

2. Holy LORD JESUS Christ, please come down to be with me and minster to me and the ones I pray for Holy LORD JESUS. May only YOUR will be prayed through me in this prayer LORD JESUS.

I ask Him in morning and night to stay with me and go before me, and when I leave the house I ask Him to please come with me wherever I go. The Lord will go with you wherever you go if you ask HIM. HE will minster to you and and minister to others, even without you having to say one word. This has happened to me on several occasions, I have asked the Lord to come with me and people start crying with so much joy of the LORD JESUS. Sometimes the only thing the Lord will have me say to any person that HIS presence fall on is, ” the glory of the LORD JESUS CHRIST is all over you”. This helps them understand and confirms to them that GOD is with them and rejoice in the moment that JESUS has quickened their spirit.

3. Ask the HOLY Spirit to help you pray.

Asking the HOLY SPIRIT to help you pray will keep your mind focused and from wandering off. If you start to be distracted ask the HOLY SPIRIT again to please help you pray. Ever since I started doing this all I have to do is ask once for the HOLY SPIRIT and my prayers are focused.

4.  Holy LORD JESUS please share YOUR heart with us and how you grieve for our sin.

(The LORD truly grieves deep in HIS heart for our sin because it separated us from Our Father. To know the heart of JESUS is to know the heart of the Father.)

5.  JESUS please give me the wisdom to know what my sin is.

The LORD will reveal are our sin, one by one after I finish asking saying to number ten of this prayer I always start with repenting of pride for an hour or twenty minutes or however long the LORD has me repenting for it for on sin by sin basis because we are so close to the end this is very important to do for ourselves and our families to repent individually for and complete generational and ancestral lines starting with youngest person in family line going all the way back to Adam and Eve. WE can repent for all of tehm as we are repenting fo ourselves. It is such a beautiful thing what GOD sis for us to send HIS son to die ont eh cross so we could be truly forgiven and sanctified and our families. Also remember we have been praying for several weeks for discernment so the LORD has given this for this time.

6. LORD JESUS please I ask you to forgive these sins and curse I  am repenting  for. LORD JESUS as I am repenting each sin and curse please forgive me for my complete generational and ancestral line

There are a could people whoa re not in my ancestral line that are a part of my family. Ask the LORD if you can add them to your list. The Lord allows me to repent for them as I am repenting my own sins. At other times I will pray for my family individually but the LORD will lead you into all truth of HIS SPIRIT  and  grant wisdom upon asking.

7. P Lease LORD JESUS  as i am worshiping you and repenting please and singing and worshiping YOU LORD please burn away all the residue of sin/ curses that i am repenting for and cleanse my my heart, soul, spirit, body, mind, subconscious mind with Your holy blood,  holy fire and glory of the Father and  Holy Ghost (Spirit).

8. JESUS as I am repenting for these sins and generational curses and as you are forgiving me please close the open door please lock it shut with your Holy Blood JESUS, the glory and fire of the Father and the power of the Holy Ghost (Spirit).

9. Holy LORD JESUS please grant me a protective hedge as you have granted your servant Job (job 1:10) and a protective wall of fire Zechariah (2:5) that the demonic realm has no access to my soul and my flesh.

10. Holy LORD JESUS please increase my love/ joy for you and others, humility, faith, wisdom, fear of the LORD, peace, patience, forgiveness, meekness, teachable spirit, discernment, holiness, righteousness. 

End or Prayer

11. You can now start repenting of pride, doubt, unbelief as the LORD lead. After you really start feeling and repenting of your sin from all your heart and soul JESUS will let you know when the sin is under HIS BLOOD and forgiven. You may want to have a paper and pencil nearby as the LORD JESUS will give you wisdom to know what are other sins to repent for as you go along. True repenting comes from the heart and is grievous to our LORD and when sincerely done will be grievous in our hearts as well. The LORD will give you confirmation through HOLY SPIRIT that HE has forgiven particular sin and then you can move on to the next sin. I always take my repenting one by one to the LORD JESUS CHRIST and then I can have confirmation that each sin has been forgiven otherwise it is impossible to knwo for sure.


The protective hedge and wall of fire is good until we sin and then it will come down and fall away unless we repent immediately and the LORD is willing to accept it.  God is very merciful if we are making 100 percent effort not to sin anymore. I still have only a temporary hedge around  myself and have to ask in the morning and night. But I am asking the Lord for the preferment one. The Lord has also put a permanent hedge around my house. Praise you JESUS. Also when I went to my moms yesterday the hedge of protection didn’t let any spirit come on to me and that is such a blessing because  I used to get so attacked spiritually when I went there for dinner.  So my visits with family have been few and far in between.

My dear friends, the LORD is so good and I am sharing all this because the LORD has shared so much with me and also through GOD`s people like my dear brother and prophet of the LORD  Elvi Zapata and my dear sister Elisa, prophet of LORD brother Larry Demers and every one else the LORD’S HOUR and JESUS MY ROCK Ministries. We are so blessed to have each together and be able to share what GOD is doing on our lives to help each other in CHRIST JESUS. Thank you JESUS!

I am honored to be servant of JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH and serve with all of GOD’S people. If  any of my brothers and sister in Christ would like to start the vigil tonight with a prayer and a song you are welcome to call me on SKYPE for the first hour of the vigil to encourage one another. After I will give my full attention to JESUS and I am expecting to give HIM more that I have ever given HIM in my whole life. I give HIM, more honor, more worship, more praise, more repentance, more singing, with a shout and a loud cry to OUR most high GOD of  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! HE is high and lifted up! Wow, I can feel in the SPIRIT of GOD, HE is so happy about this vigil tonight. I am so excited and have so much joy of the LORD. I love each and every one of you my beloved and dear family of JESUS. We will see you all in heaven, by the mercy and grace of the blood JESUS CHRIST !

If you would  like me to add you to SKYPE please send me and email at

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