Prayer for the Vigil

1. LORD JESUS CHRIST I love you with all my heart all my soul, all my mind and all my strength. 

2. Holy LORD JESUS Christ, please come down to be with me and minster to me and the ones I pray for Holy LORD JESUS. May only YOUR will be prayed through me in this prayer LORD JESUS.

3. Ask the HOLY Spirit to help you pray.

4.  Holy LORD JESUS please share YOUR heart with us and how you grieve for our sin.

5.  JESUS please give me the wisdom to know what my sin is.

6. LORD JESUS please I ask you to forgive these sins and curse I  am repenting  for. LORD JESUS as I am repenting each sin and curse please forgive me and please forgive my family ( my complete generational and ancestral line) all the way back to Adam and Eve.

7. Please LORD JESUS  as I am worshiping you and repenting please and singing and worshiping YOU LORD please burn away all the residue of sin/ curses that i am repenting for and cleanse my my heart, soul, spirit, body, mind, subconscious mind with Your holy blood,  holy fire and glory of the Father and  Holy Ghost (Spirit).

8. JESUS as I am repenting for these sins and generational curses and as you are forgiving me please close the open door please seal it shut with your Holy Blood JESUS, the glory and fire of the Father and the power of the Holy Ghost (Spirit).

9. Holy LORD JESUS please grant me a protective hedge as you have granted your servant Job (job 1:10) and a protective wall of fire Zechariah (2:5) that the demonic realm has no access to my soul and my flesh.

10. Holy LORD JESUS please increase my love/ joy for you and others, humility, faith, wisdom, fear of the LORD, peace, patience, forgiveness, meekness, teachable spirit, discernment, holiness, righteousness. 

End or Prayer

11. You can now start repenting of pride, doubt, unbelief as the LORD lead. After you really start feeling and repenting of your sin from all your heart and soul JESUS will let you know when the sin is under HIS BLOOD and forgiven. You may want to have a paper and pencil nearby as the LORD JESUS will give you wisdom to know what are other sins to repent for as you go along. True repenting comes from the heart and is grievous to our LORD and when sincerely done will be grievous in our hearts as well. The LORD will give you confirmation through HOLY SPIRIT that HE has forgiven particular sin and then you can move on to the next sin. I always take my repenting one by one to the LORD JESUS CHRIST and then I can have confirmation that each sin has been forgiven otherwise it is impossible to knwo for sure.

God bless you all my dear brother and sisters in CHRIST. We will meet you all in heaven soon, by the mercy and grace of the blood of JESUS.

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