Repentance Prayer


Repentance Prayer


Repentance Prayer

These prayers came in from brother Larry, He has been visited by the Lord. Please take this very seriously.

Stand in the Gap for Your Family

The Holy Spirit has told me to start to stand in the gap for my family. My prayersare now limited to my family. In prepare the way for the coming of The Lord there are a couple of things when you stand in the gap for your family The Holy Spirit pointed out to me that are very important.

First say please forgive (repent) all my sins till the second of the rapture. Then it is very important for us to be totally submerged in the holy fire of The Lord for a full 10 minutes that will burn all residue of sin away.
Next please be sure to ask The Lord to intercede for our family with the Father and ask him after the prayers are done to please put that person’s name in theLamb’s Book of Life.

Also get a confirmation from The Lord that that person is now in the first heaven.I can’t tell you how important this is.

My son Adrian’s soul was just taken from the compartment to the first level of heaven and his name is now written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. You can’t believe the peace I have about this now.

Remember this word came directly from our Heavenly Father thru his Holy Spirit. I actually heard my Father say Holy Spirit please take over the being Lawrence Demers for the duration of this word. I am just an empty vessel for this word all credit, glory and honor must go to our Lord and Savior the Holy Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord told me anyone who completely follows this word in it’s entirety will be taken to the first heaven. My Father told me my children no longer have any excuses by following this word they will be taken to heaven.
Your brother in Christ


Brothers and Sisters in Christ

The rapture of the bride of Christ is upon us.Here are instructions from our Father in heaven thru The Holy Spirit for us on how to prepare in repentance and holiness for the coming of our Lord.

How do we achieve holiness?

First we must ask The Lord to break our pride. Then ask the Holy Spirit to lead us into holiness thru humility.

A more detailed description of this procedure can be found in Andrews Murray’s book Humility the journey towards Holiness. It can be found on and is very inexpensive.

Confession of sins

  • Holy Lord Jesus I confess every sin I have committed in my lifetime and every sin committed thru my complete generational and ancestral line.
  • I also confess every soul tie I have ever made and all the sins generated thru those soul ties thru my complete generational and ancestral lines.
  • I confess every sin that I have committed in my dreams and every sin committed by my generation and ancestral lines in their dreams.
  • I now cover all these grievous sins with the holy blood of our Lord and Savior The Holy Lord Jesus Christ and take full and total responsibility for all of these grievous sins.
  • Please Holy Lord Jesus forgive all of my sins.

The Lord will tell or acknowledge to you he forgives you your sins.

Sincere Repentance

  • Holy Lord Jesus I sincerely repent every sin I have committed in my lifetime up to this very second. I will make a sincere 100% effort not to commit these sin ever again.
  • I sincerely repent every sin from my complete generational and ancestral lines.
  • I sincerely repent all the sins that I have ever committed in all my dreams to this very second and every sin my generational and ancestral lines committed in their dreams.
  • I sincerely repent every soul tie I have ever made and all the sins generated thru those soul ties all the way back thru all my complete generational and ancestral lines.
  • I cover all these sins with the holy blood of the Holy Lord Jesus Christ and take full and total responsibility for all of these grievous sins.
  • Holy Lord Jesus I humbly ask you to please accept my sincere repentance. Start repenting until The Lord accepts your sincere repentance.

He will tell you he accepts your sincere repentance or give you an acknowledgement.

Now ask The Holy Lord Jesus Christ to lift off of your back all of the above mentioned sins and burn them with his holy fire.

The Lord will then cover your back with his holy blood and cover you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes with his holy blood.


Cleansing and Purification

  • Holy Lord Jesus please cleanse and totally purify my heart with your precious blood and holy fire.
  • Holy Lord Jesus please cleanse and totally purify my soul with your precious blood and holy fire.
  • Holy Lord Jesus please cleanse and totally purify my spirit with your precious blood and holy fire.
  • Holy Lord Jesus please cleanse and totally purify my mind and subconscious mind with your precious blood and holy fire.
  • Holy Lord Jesus please cleanse and totally purify my flesh with your precious blood and holy fire.
  • Holy Lord Jesus please cleanse and totally purify all my record keeping books in heaven with your precious blood and holy fire.
  • Holy Lord Jesus please cleanse and totally purify my robe and gown in heaven with your precious blood and holy fire.


Open Doors

  • Holy Lord Jesus please break every curse put on me by any and all demonic entities by any witch or warlock or any human being including myself.
  • Please extricate all demonic beings from my person that are affecting my life in any way.
  • Please close all my open doors in my life and in my generational and ancestral lines.
  • Please close all the open doors caused by all my soul ties thru their generational and ancestral lines.
  • Please seal shut all these open doors with your holy blood and holy fire.
  • Please put my soul and my flesh deep into your holy fire that you may cleanse and totally purify me that I may be purged from all sins.

Holy Lord Jesus please grant me a protective hedge as you have granted your servant job (job 1:10) and a protective wall of fire Zechariah (2:5) that the demonic realm has no access to my soul and my flesh.

Please put this protective hedge and wall of fire between my flesh here on earth and my soul, spirit, record keeping books and robe and gown in heaven.

Holy Lord Jesus I humbly come before you the one true God and beseech you to ask your great and mighty Holy Spirit to please please help to stop me from sinning. Please Holy Lord Jesus grant me your faithful servant this blessing.

Holy Lord Jesus please intercede for me with my Father in heaven and if in your eyes I am worthy to please ask my father to please put my name in the Lambs Book of Life.

Please great and mighty Holy Spirit of God help prepare me in repentance and holiness for the immanent coming of The Holy Lord Jesus Christ that I may be found worthy to participate in the wedding supper of the lamb.

Thank you Holy Father for your great grace and mercy you have shown all your children on how to prepare for the coming of your son. In Jesus Holy name I thank you Holy Father. For we can truly do nothing with out your holy son (john 15:5).

Thank you so much Holy Spirit of God for helping us your children prepare for the rapture thank you Holy Spirit.

Holy Lord Jesus how can I ever thank you for what you have done for your children you gave your life for us you have interceded time and time again with your Father for us to give us more time to prepare for your coming.

I love you Holy Lord Jesus with my whole heart and soul for this extra time you have given us.

Children of God time has truly run out. God in his great grace and mercy has now showed us how to prepare for the immeniant coming of his holy son The Holy Lord Jesus Christ. May God have mercy on all our souls.

Your brother in Christ, Larry

Scriptures to back up this prayer:

Stand in the Gap

Ezekiel 22:30

Generational Line Sin

Exodus 20:5

Soul Ties

1 Corinthians 6:16, Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:6


Deuteronomy 13:5, Jeremiah 23:27 33:32, Daniel 52:1- 4:5, Genesis 41:1-32

Holy Fire

Leviticus 2:- 23:8, Matthew 3:11

The door closes after the rapture

Genesis 7:16, Matthew 25:1-13, Isaiah 26:19-21, John 14:1-6, Revelation 19:7-9, Exodus 40:34:3-5, Isaiah 40:3-5, Daniel 12:1-9, Zechariah 13:7-9, Isaiah 26:19-21


Leviticus 26:8-20, 2 Chronicles 32:26, Psalm 10:4, 1 John 2:5-7

Open doors

Job 38:17, Nehemiah 7:3


Mark 2:7, Mark 1:4, Luke 3:3, 2 Peter 3:9, Hebrews 6:6


Luke 16:19-31

Record keeping books

Revelation 20:11-12

Robe and gown

Revelation 22:14


Revelation 22:15


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  1. San

    Sis Nicole, I’m so grateful that you have these prayers posted on your website. To God be the glory…..Our precious Lord Jesus moved on my heart to start praying these prayers again. I had received them personally from brother Larry some time ago and started to pray them daily but was not consistent…lately I felt an unction in my spirit that time is short and we must be about our Fathers business and in order to get over the spirit of pride we must pray THE REPENTANCE PRAYERS daily and humble ourselves. Now my children and I do it together. To God be the glory. Thank You Lord for Your loving kindness and grace towards Your children so we’ll be ready to depart with Jesus in a twinkling of the eye.

    1. sister NIcole

      YES AMEN MARANATHA!! JESUS is coming!!! I am so blessed to be a part of the body of CHRIST with all of you. I have been praying these prayers and because of them and the purification of the blood of JESUS and the fire of GOD, the LORD shared a vision of the rapture and going up the holy mountain in the millennium. Praise GOD for HIS vision and the purification of these prayers.

      1. Angel

        Father God as I watched the news my heart broke for those caghut up in the earthquake. Lord I ask that you be the God of peace and strength to these people. Father I pray for the rescue teams, may they not falter or faint as they search for survivors. May they be successful Lord in their mission. Be with their families Lord as the emergency services work in dangerous buildings. Keep them safe Lord. Father, I bring the grieving to your throne of mercy. Comfort them Lord, carry them in the days and weeks ahead.For those who fear another quake, may they be stilled Lord. May your gospel of salvation and peace be heard. Amen.

  2. San

    These Repentance prayers have truly made a difference in my personal walk with Jesus!!!

  3. Millie

    Praying the prayers….waiting to see the changes in my life. Thank you for the prayer.

    1. Jesus My Rock

      dear sister Millie

      These prayers take dedication and must be done with every part of your heart and 100 percent focus on JESUS to be effective. They will work! Done with ever part of your heart, attention and spirit, GOD will forgive and close the open door to our sin and the curse that is passed through the womb. I love you and want every good thing JESUS has for you and your family.

      Love sister Nicole

  4. Eleazar Chepape

    I need your prayers with regard to sexual immorality problem(pornography)
    I love the LORD so much and I need your prayers so much.

    1. Nick Hari

      Hi Eleazar
      I understand what you are going through. I am going to put you on my friends pray list.
      There are a lot of friends on this list and most of the time I only say a few of their names
      But God knows all of them. I pray three or four times every day for them.
      So I will be praying for you until the Lord comes. We must get ready we all go through
      Your brother in Christ, Nick

    2. Helen

      Praise God Almighty~! Misty understands Worship~the Deep Hunger wihtin to commune Alone with Our Father~!Would be to God that His People called by His Name would humble themselves, pray, seek His Face Alone~would He then hear from Heaven and Heal our Land~?Even so come quickly Lord Jesus~Marranatha~!!!

  5. tina

    thank you for your post, i really need God’s mercy upon my life and family. and we find it hard sometimes to stop doing the same sin time and again. Lord have mercy on me. I need you Jesus.

    1. Jesus My Rock

      Amen keep in prayer the LORD will help in all areas, especially in forgiveness and not holding people accountable. We must learn to walk in complete forgiveness and not judge others otherwise JESUS says we can not be forgiven and we will be judges. GOD spiritual law is what we give out will be given back. Mercy comes when we have mercy on others and walk in humility and not have to be right or make our point. Instead we humble ourselves quietly, which the LORD is helping me so much with. Praise be to GOD. HIS mercy endures forever! HE will help anyone who will go to HIM regulatory and with discipline, hence to be a disciple. Cry out to HIM for HIS spirit to help you and desire more than anything to be like JESUS. HE is our rabbi and teacher. HE will teach you if you fellowship with HIM and will bless your whole family life. HE desire us to give our first fruits to HIM. HE is our husband and desires us to seek HIM and spend time with HIM first thing every morning. Give to HIM and HE will give back. Luke 6:38 38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

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